Orson Owl Wall Hanging DIY Macrame Kit

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We've given this macrame icon a modern makeover!

Almost every home in the 70's had a macrame owl or two gracing its walls. Our sleek design in natural rope has given it a contemporary twist

This is not a beginner project - you'll need to have a few macrame  projects under your belt first. Try a pot hanger or wall hanging kit (I recommend the Maggie or Cassie wall hanging, and the Leslie or Vicki pot hanger)

Made with 5mm natural cotton rope and natural wooden beads, mounted on wooden dowel. For a more rustic look, you may want to find suitable branches to replace the provided dowel

Once completed, this Knot Modern macramé kit measures approximately 31 cm in width, 105 cm in length (top dowel width 45cm)

Macramé Kit includes: full instructions, 4mm natural cotton rope pre-cut to length, 2 wooden beads, 2 wooden rings, 2 piecs of dowel, tape measure, extra cord to hang project

Like the design but don't have the time to make it?

  • order 'ready-made' and we'll make it for you (allow an extra 5 days delivery) - simply choose this option on the dropdown list

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